For information on how to reach the contact persons mentioned here, please call or email our office, 413-253-2848 or

Our Choir is made up of many members of our congregation and is led by our Music Director, Brenda Miller. Music varies and includes classical, traditional and popular. Our Society has an excellent grand piano and historic organ.

The choir sings one to three short choral pieces at nearly every Sunday service.


Our choir is currently seeking new members. You do not need to read music to join the choir, but a good ear is a big help.

When:        Rehearsal on Sundays 8:45 a.m.
Contact:     Brenda Miller, Music Director

Each year, we traditionally have one or two Choir Sundays services which are entirely devoted to music.

Our Music Committee helps the Minister plan the music program for Sunday Services, facilitate concerts, manage the music budget and facilitate communication between the musicians and the Minister.

When:        Meets quarterly as needed.
Contacts:    Maura Whalen and Jason Threlfall